Connected Dynamic Display


The right answer in the fast-growing digital media age

Digital Signage, also called Narrow Casting, is transmitting and showing information to and on displays. It is aimed at a specific target group at a specific location at a specific time. Digital signage can be implemented broadly and is a beautiful, effective, refreshing and modern way of communicating with personnel, customers, visitors, patients and passers-by for any company, school, non-profit organisation and sports club.

Our software TIC is a software solution that enables you to manage all your communications, destined for display screens, in a very simple and understandable way. The following keywords are central to this software.




If you can manage your own diary system, you can work with TiC


Service every target group with made-to-measure content, when and where you like


Time and cost savings

Gérez la totalité de votre communication à distance avec un seul pack.


An overview of some possibilities