Our Story

For 25 years, Stanford Mall is an expert company specialized in printing of medium and large formats. Our business is exclusively based on an innovative and creative ideology at your devotion.
Our sole mission is to contribute to the creation or strengthening of your brand through powerful and impactful visual media.


  • Printing 95%
  • Digital Cutting 80%
  • Web Development 65%
  • Video / 2D Animation 87%

A Digital Agency

Our team will advise you and answer your questions according to your needs in printing, web and video.

Forward Thinking

From creation to impact, Stanford accompanies you step by step to succeed in your campaign.

Problem Solvers

every problem has a solution. if you encounter difficulties in your projects of impression, visual identity, SEO and video, we remain at your disposal to solve them in the shortest delay.

Customer Support

we are always at your disposal to answer all your questions